Training Paths


Fundamentals 1 • Discovery



How to use Contentsquare for the analysis of an e-commerce site?



  1. Understand the possibilities of UX analysis
  2. Get started with the Contentsquare interface
  3. Identify key uses of Contentsquare to meet the analysis needs of ecommerce sites

120 min

Fundamentals 2 • Main Metrics



How do I use the main metrics in Contentsquare?



  1. Understand how indicators are calculated in Contentsquare
  2. Use these indicators in the main reports
  3. Identify relevant use cases with the analyses

120 min

Fundamentals 3 • Configuration



How do I configure my project in Contentsquare?



  1. Understand the organization of data in Contentsquare
  2. Setting up mappings, objectives and zoning
  3.  Identify use cases adapted to the needs of analysis

120 min

Fundamentals 4 • Data Visualization



How to get familiar with the main features?



  1. Understand the possibilities of each mode of analysis
  2. Take control of the different reports
  3. Identify the visualization modes corresponding to the analysis needs

120 min

The Team of trainers

Nicolas Malo

A reference in Digital Analytics in France, Nicolas trains and supports companies with confidence and kindness.

Camille Chaudet

Digital Analytics expert in France, Camille helps to ensure the excellence of the company's training mission.

Hugo Stepien

Digital Analytics Consultant,
Hugo helps you get a good understanding of the use
of your Digital Analytics solution.

Evelien Vieveen

Digital Analytics Consultant,
Evelien helps you understand the data on your ecommerce website.

Optimal Ways is a Qualiopi certified training organization.

All our training courses are OPCO eligible.


Target Audience:

Business users and e-merchants who want a detailed understanding of how to use digital analytics solutions and tools.


For the Fundamentals - Discovery modules, a good knowledge of the web and emarketing is necessary, validated by a quiz.

For the other modules, the prerequisite is the level of a previous module defined, validated by passing a quiz.


Our training courses are delivered within the company, so the management of disabilities is carried out in association with the client's disability advisor.

Our objective: to coordinate ourselves to ensure that a person with a disability can follow the training.


once the training request is received, we proceed within 10 days to the analysis of the needs and the planning of the training, which will depend on the internal organization of the client.


to plan a training 

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