Digital Analytics training program

for retail and e-commerce companies

Our training courses are designed for e-commerce and retail players, to help them understand, manage and exploit digital data.

Distance learning program especially well suited for geographically distributed and international teams and in a context of increasing telecommuting.

Its 90 minutes format and regulars sessions allows real progress on the subjects of managing and analysing the performance of  sites.

Training sessions are offered in French and in English and are available worldwide with the Zoom solution.


Optimal Ways’ mission is to support and train E-commerce and retail players in understanding, managing and exploiting their digital data, as an independent trusted third party.

Since 2011, training has been at the heart of our DNA: more than a hundred teams have been trained and more than 5,000 hours of training provided to renowned e-commerce and retail companies in France and in their international branches.

We are thankful to Auchan, Brady Seton, Decathlon, Dior, Leroy Merlin, LVMH, Mars, Maty, Royal Canin, Vivarte, and many others…, for their trust.

Optimal Ways is a Datadock certified training organisation since 2017.

 100% Remote, 100% Live, 100 % Hands-on!

Our training modules are delivered remotely and live, by an instructor who ensures frequent interaction with participants.

We value the acquisition of concrete knowledge based on more than 10 years of experience in the field of Digital Analytics.

Real-life case studies make it easier to memorise concepts: you handle your own data confidentially.

Our approach is pragmatic and quickly applicable: sharing of processes and methodology, identification of good practices, advice and pitfalls to avoid, analysis leads…


90-minute modules for maximum concentration and commitment.

A flexible format facilitates planning of training sessions.

Small groups, from 4 to 8 people, foster collaboration and teamwork. 

Preparation work based on the team’s business challenges is requested  and shared during the session.

An evaluation after each module: participants have to summarise the main lessons learned and present the next actions to be implemented.

 A flexible training programme

Our programme adapts to your needs and the maturity of your team. 

Beginners, advanced, you define your own learning path.

Google Analytics, Contentsquare, BigQuery and Adobe Analytics: your instructor will guide you through the business and technological dimensions of each of these tools.


Our modules can be set up quickly and easily. 

We can help you define a training path for your teams.

Please contact us to discover our pedagogical approach, our prices and to plan for a training session.